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Welcome To Our Garage

Prime Motoring was found in 2010 by true automotive enthusiasts who wanted to infuse the best of European, Domestic and Japanese cultures. We felt a performance shop could exist that did not restrict itself to one brand or one region of automotive manufactures. We brought in the best of the best from the automotive world and compiled a vast assortment of parts for just about anyone in any application. We don’t specialize in any one field, but excel in many. We have some of the best, most experienced technicians in the business.

Prime Motoring is built upon maintaining the highest levels of customer service. You will have peace of mind at all times knowing exactly what’s happening to your vehicle while in our hands. We strive to provide our customers with only the best products available and will treat your vehicle as if it is one of our own using only top quality OEM & high-end aftermarket parts. Our technicians will take great care when working on a customer’s vehicle and see to doing the job right the first time!

Check back regularly to see the latest products available and to keep tabs on the various builds featuring car brands from all over the world taking place under one roof.



Prime \ˈprīm\ 1. of the best possible quality; excellent.





Looking for an alternative to the dealer for your maintenance needs? Here at Prime Motoring we use nothing but the best approved OEM/OES fluids and parts. Also, based on your platform, we can provide you with an enhanced maintenance schedule that can save you hundred, even thousands in repairs down the road. We strive to provide our customers with only the best products available and will treat your vehicle as if it is one of our own. Our technicians will take great care when working on a customer’s vehicle and see to doing the job right the first time! All work performed is 100% guaranteed to be completed with the quality and attention to detail that your vehicle deserves, not to mention within a timely manner.


Prime Motoring is the Tri-State’s Premier Forced Induction Installation & Diagnostic Facility!

From custom turbo kits to small bolt-ons Prime Motoring can handle any of your performance part installation needs. Let our properly trained staff who have many years of experience in a vast majority of vehicle platforms perform your performance upgrades. We have DIRECT relationships with today’s leading manufacturers. This allows us to provide our customers with accurate availability and competitive prices often which cannot be matched. The durability  and usability of the products we sell are thoroughly tested by ourselves as well as the manufacturer before they ever reach the grasp of our clients.


Prime Motoring is more than capable of taking on any of your engine related endeavors. We will work with you to determine options and find a setup that best suits your needs. Whether it be for performance or strictly functionality, we want to make sure you get the most for your money. All final engine & cylinder head assembly is completed in house here at Prime Motoring to ensure all engine components are rebuilt to exceed factory specifications. Here are a few of the services we provide:

-  Complete cylinder head/ block rebuilds

-  Upgraded Piston and Connecting rod installation

-  Complete short / long block assembly


Along with custom dyno tuning, we have partnered and aided in development for some of the largest OBDII tuning companies in the industry across all platforms. That means Prime Motoring has tested and is currently running these ECU programs on their own vehicles to ensure the correct software is paired with a customer’s vehicle to offer the user problem free operation.

- COBB (Pro-Tune Available)

- Ecutek (Pro-Tune Available)



- Open Source

- Eurodyne

Pro Tuning / Dyno Services

Tuning / Dyno Overview

Prime Motoring offers custom tuning for a wide variety of makes and models as well as various dyno services. Our tuner Junior Barrios (JR Tuned) calibrates your car based on the modifications done to the vehicle to obtain the maximum power while maintaining reliability and drive-ability.  Engine management is a must if you have done any modifications to your vehicle, or if you just want to get the most out of what came from the factory.

We also offer our clients with the ability to do pulls on our AWD Mustang Dynamometer. We charge $100 for three pulls and $150 for three pulls with Air/Fuel ratio and boost readings.  Dyno Rental for tuning is $150/hr

Our shop is equipped with  a Mustang AWD150SE Dynamometer. Full time AWD vehicles are designed to provide maximum performance regardless of road conditions. To properly test an AWD vehicle for peak performance, an AWD chassis dynamometer must be able to simulate ideal road-load conditions for the vehicle. Our dynamometer enables the vehicle to be evaluated under “optimum” operational conditions providing equal traction at all four drive wheels producing a peak efficiency environment.

Nissan GTR
$700per month
  • CBA Year 2008-2010
  • DBA Year 2011-2013
  • COBB Tune
$600per month
  • N54 Year 2006-2008
  • N55 Year 2009-Present
  • COBB Tune
$Var.per month
  • Single Map $450
  • Dual Map $550
  • COBB or Open Tune
Lancer Evolution
$Var.per month
  • Evolution 8,9,10
  • Single Map $450
  • Dual Map (Open Only) $550
  • COBB or Open Tune

Prime \ˈprīm\ 1. of the best possible quality; excellent.

Scheduling and Deposits

Tuning is scheduled at least 10 days in advance. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required when scheduling your appointment. This deposit is a necessary evil in order to maintain our schedule due to the number of cars tuned. Please call 5 or more business days prior to your appointment if there is a need to reschedule for any reason (mechanical, weather, illness, etc).  Failure to arrive on time to your appointment may result in forfeiture of your time slot and the deposit. Click to view Dynamometer Liability Waiver.


Pre-Dyno Inspection

One of our strongest recommendations is to perform a PDI (Pre-Dyno Inspection). Which consists of a Boost Pressure test, Vacuum Leak test, and a visual inspection to ensure proper functionality of components (example: boost controller, intake, etc). If an issue is found during the inspection we will make our best effort to repair the issue, however if issue is not able to be rectified you may lose your appointment. This service is only $65 and could potentially save you hundreds if your car has an issue during its session. Also, if you forego the inspection and an issue does arise you may lose your session and deposit.
$Var.per month
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • Single Map $450
  • Dual Map (Flex Fuel) $550
$Var.per month
  • Forced Induction
  •      Single Map $550      Dual Map $650
  • Flex Fuel $750
$450per month
  • Mazdaspeed 3
  • Mazdaspeed 6
  • COBB Tune
$Var.per month
  • AEM/VIPEC/MOTEC $650-$700
  • AEM/VIPEC/MOTEC (Flex Fuel) $1000 Min.
  • Call Us For Other Platforms.




IMG_9689 copy

  • Mustang’s AWD-150 incorporates a linked drive system that synchronizes the front and back rollers to simulate a flat, dry road condition. Synchronization, or linkage, insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed. This process eliminates the possibility of activating a vehicle’s traction control system and also insures that a vehicle’s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping.


Customer Expectation


Step 2:
Promise to Customer


Step 3:
Project Execution


Step 4:
Customer Satisfaction


Dave: Subaru BRZ

Brought my BRZ in to have exhaust, coilovers, rLCA’s, and wheels installed along with an oil change. Prime did an amazing job and offered a lot of great advice on what to do with the car next. They’re a fun and knowledgeable group of guys. Definitely worth the drive out there.

Anthony: Audi S4

Did my coilovers with these guys and i’m in love with my car all over again, definitely looking forward to getting more work done by them

Andreas: Subaru STI

I will Def come there again. Superb service and help. Thanks to James getting me there to install my IAG, and massive thanks and respect to Kevin who installed IAG AOS on my 15 sti. He even explained to me how stuff works and what to do and not to do with my car. Very kind guy and took his time just to fix my car. Thanks again Kev!!!

Kyle: Scion FR-S

Great place. I’ve never been disappointed by work they’ve done.


“Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.”Ayrton SennaFormula One
“Driving a race car is like dancing with a chainsaw.”Cale YarboroughNascar
“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.”Mario AndrettiFormula One
“I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way...”Keiichi TsuchiyaFormula D1
“We’re far from having too much horsepower…[m]y definition of too much horsepower is when all four wheels are spinning in every gear.”Mark DonohueIROC Series



Feel free to contact us at your convenience with any inquiries you may have. We will reply to your questions as soon as possible. We ask that you be as detailed as possible in describing your needs so we can best address the issue in our response. For an appointment or to request a quote, please call as prices and timing of our services vary depending on your car make and model. Thank you for your interest in Prime-Motoring. We look forward to servicing you.

Address: 411 Railroad Ave #1
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Phone: +1-201-935-2910